How to Import a Boat to USA

Importing a Boat Into the US by auto importers in and near Blaine and Vancouver

Various lakes, rivers, and shorelines are available in the USA, and having your boat in this country is delightful. You can go boating on different country sites, and it is an exciting recreation. But you might buy your boat outside the United States; in this case, you have to deal with issues like import duty rates. Importing a yacht or a vessel is complex and nested, so it is better to seek assistance from professional import experts. Our company is here to help you; we have the knowledge and experience for doing that. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately at 1-844-505-1555.

Importing boats for individual intentions

To import a boat to the US, you must confirm ownership and the vessel must comply with the EPA standards. You need to prove that your boat meets the standards by filling out the Engine Declaration Form or receiving a note from the US agent of the boat’s producer. If you have purchased your boat from Canada, it would be okay because the standards in Canada are similar to the USA.

Import duty rates on boats

When you import a personal boat to the US, some duty rates will apply to it. The current rates are as below:

  • A 1.5% rate for motorboats and sailboats
  • A 1% rate for outboard motorboats
  • A 2.4% rate for inflatable boats
  • There’s no duty for canoes
  • A rate of 2.7% for other kinds of boats and vessels that don’t have sail or motor

The tariff rates are constantly changing, and you must keep updated about them. If you consider importing cars, boats, or any other vehicles, Bidbuy Importers can be helpful because we know the industry’s rules. We are the best auto importers company in and near Blaine, WA, and Vancouver, BC, so pick up your phone and call us right now to get what you want.

Other taxes imposed on boats

Only the above-mentioned federal taxes are available for boats. Issues like sales tax or GST only apply to the purchase process; for instance, if you purchase a vessel inside Canada, you must pay the determined GST. Personal property taxes are imposed on boats in some states of the US, so these taxes are not federal, and they are only applicable in those states.

A boat imported from Canada to USA by importers company in and near Blaine

Importing via a boat trailer

The US boat import rate will be slightly different if you import vessels via a trailer. You have to act according to VIN here because the rates applicable for motor vehicles are considered here. The DOT form HS-7 is essential here; you need to fill it out. To fill out the form, you must obtain some info like make and model.

As we said earlier, the import process for boats or motor vehicles is complicated, and consulting with a good import company can be beneficial. US car importers can benefit from our services. If you need auto importers in and near Blaine, WA, Vancouver, BC,  you have the opportunity to consult with our experts. We can answer all your questions regarding issues like US car importers, auto import to Canada, vehicle transport services, and so on. Get in touch for more information.

The arrival report

The imported non-commercial boats must announce their arrival at the first place or port within the US soil. On these occasions, the boat’s owner must report the entry to the closest CBP center. You can announce the arrival in different ways, like through phone calls, the CBP app, or in person. If CBP mentions you for the appearance, you must fill out Form 1300 in 48 hours.

Purchasing a US boat for people who are not US citizens

If you buy a US boat to use within the country, but you’re not a citizen of the US, your boat will be unregistered. If you want to move the vessel outside the current jurisdiction, you must fill out Form 1300.

Legal matters to boat import are highly complicated. It’ll take a lot of cost, time, and energy if you undergo the process yourself. A knowledgeable company is the best practical option here. We are the best car importer company in and near Blaine, WA, Vancouver, BC, so you can consult with us to get clarification about import duty rates and other crucial details. You can utilize our talented and educated experts to assist you. Our experts facilitate the car importation process and remove most of the headaches from the process. Contact us right away to get every detail of the import process.

The required documentation for foreign vessels

No foreign vessel can cruise in US waters without the required licenses. The boat owners in the US must register their vessels to get the right to cruise inside the US.

A CBP cruising license is essential for every boat that moves from one port to another because this license can avoid different duties. The permit is authentic for just one year. Notice of Arrival is also essential for the licensed vessels; don’t forget the license is only for non-commercial and personal boats.

Importing a Canadian boat to the US

If you have purchased a boat in Canada and want to bring it to the United States, you must register it again in line with the rules of the respective state. The purchase must be in Canada; you need to pay the duties at the border of the US. You must receive the purchased boat in Canada because it is impossible for a foreign seller to transit the vessel to the US. These are subtle points to consider, and any negligence can bring about serious trouble. Our experts are ready to clarify these vague points; call our experts at 1-844-505-1555.

Imported yacht in united states

Is importing vessels to the US a hassle?

It is a complicated process to import a boat to the United States. Due to various rules and regulations, the import procedure is nested and requires knowledge and expertise. There are some customs obligations that you need to understand as a car importer, a person who imports boats, or any other motor vehicle. Going through legal matters alone is not easy because it needs legal education.

Auto importers in and near Blaine, WA

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