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Bidbuy Importers, one of the best US Car Importers in Blaine, WA, and Vancouver, is registered as a car importer with the US Department of Transportation. As a lawfully approved vehicle importer between Canada and the US, we certify cars imported to the US to enable their sale and registration legally. So, when you choose us for your Auto import requirements, you can stay assured of getting bonded and certified vehicles.

We supervise various aspects of the US car import process to ensure its compliance with US Customs and Border Protection, and US Environmental Protection Agency, apart from US Department of Transportation specifications.

Bidbuy Importers offer—

  • US Customers Brokerage Release and Entry Service.
  • Transportation of Vehicles in the US.
  • Blaine Registered Car Importer (as and when needed).
  • Storage of vehicles in Blaine WA.

Whether you want to import your SUV, classic car/vintage car, auto, truck, van, car, or any other vehicle to the US, Bidbuy Importers, the US car importing company in Blaine, is ready to serve you with professional and dedicated car import service between the US and Canada in Vancouver, Surrey, BC, and Blaine, Seattle, WA.

We also offer you complete purchase assistance to save you from the hassles of documentation for the car import process. Armed with years of experience in US car import, we cover almost every possible issue that may occur in an import scenario.

So, whether you want to buy a vehicle or your car has arrived in the port already, our auto importers are there to serve you better always. We have a long list of satisfied customers to fall back upon. Come and join the list by getting our auto import services to the US.

US Car Importers in & near Blaine, WA
US Car Importers in & near Blaine, WA

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How US Car Importers Handle the Process

Auto import to the US is indeed a complex process. Consumers require guidance and support when importing cars because of the strict import laws, customs, and documentation requirements. Because of this, Bidbuy Importers, as one of the licensed Registered Importers for vehicle importation located in Blaine, WA. We aim to keep your importation a simple process as effortless and straightforward as possible. Here’s a brief description of the requirements as Bidbuy auto importers complies with US laws:

Tackling EPA and DOT Requirements

According to the Environmental Protection Association (EPA), your vehicle must meet US emission standards if it is less than 25 years old, according to the Environmental Protection Association (EPA).

If your vehicle is less than 25 years old, it must conform to Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. These include safety and bumper standards and theft prevention requirements. It is unlikely that a car obtained overseas can meet all of these requirements unless the exact vehicle was initially sold in the US. Those certified will have a certification label near the driver’s door, indicating that the vehicle has been certified to meet US standards.

Registered US car importers can only import the vehicle if it does not meet the US car import requirements. In addition, the car must be modified into compliance, which can be costly and lengthy.

Bidbuy Importers also Imports vehicles that already comply with US EPA & DOT Standards providing a Manufacturer Compliance Letter accompanies the vehicle prior to import.

The good news is that if your classics or any other vehicles are over 25 years old and are unmodified, they don’t have to comply with DOT or EPA requirements, and you can easily import your classics with the help of US car importers.
In summary, to avoid the 2.5% import auto to united states duty, you must find a car that:

  • Was initially built in the US
  • Reimported from the US by the original owner after being sold in the US

Customs Bonds

Customs bonds are purchased and are non-refundable. To ensure the car is properly imported, US customs usually requires a deposit equal to 10x the vehicle’s value. This bond cost is included in your Bidbuy Quote.
The deposit will be kept if the vehicle is not exported or any issue is discovered with the value claimed.

Us car importers usually buy a bond that covers them instead of risking a huge deposit. Bonds can be purchased for a single car or several years. That’s one of the reasons why Bidbuys import auto to the United States comes at a lower price when it’s done by US Registered Auto importer in & near Blaine, WA.

Import Duties

Vehicles manufactured overseas or from Mexico or Canada and imported into the US are subject to a duty rate of:

  • 2.5% for automobiles
  • 2.4% or free for motorcycles, based on the number of cylinders
  • 25% Mexican Manufactured Trucks (3 VINS)

Duty-Free Imports Apply Only If the Car Was:

  • Was originally built in the US
  • Reimported from the US by the original owner after being sold in the US

Documents Required for Import

US Customs and Border Protection requires the following documents for an import auto to the United States:

  • An original bill of lading (OBL)
  • The bill of sale
  • The car’s foreign registration
  • DOT Form HS-7
  • EPA Form 3520-1

As you have seen above, Importing a vehicle into the US requires navigating a lengthy set of rules, regulations, processes, and costs after your purchase. You could try to do it yourself, but you would probably lose money, or you could simply contact us for car shipping to the USA and enjoy working with the best US car importers in & near Blaine, WA. If you come to us, you’ll have a hassle-free way to import your vehicle.

Need to Import your vehicle from overseas to the US?

Bidbuy Importers, the professional US car importers in & near Blaine, WA, and Vancouver, is a specialist in the import of vehicles of different models and types between Canada and the US. However, we are not authorized to import vehicles from abroad that happen to be less than 25 years old since it requires an EPA ICI. Call us now, we can help you with importing your car!

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