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Each year, our Canada and US car importers ship cars from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and many other countries worldwide. In addition to understanding the process of auto shipping to the USA and Canada, we can handle various imports. Our expertise as one of the licensed US car importers allows us to complete the import process with door-to-door service anywhere in both countries. Whether you’re looking for car shipping to the USA in & near Blaine, WA, or want to import a car to Canada, our auto importers can assist you. 

We also import other types of vehicles like SUVs, classic cars/vintage cars, auto, trucks, vans, cars, Heavy trucks, or any other vehicle to the US, and many others.

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    USA Car Shipping

    Car shipping USA can be a daunting process and needs to be handled correctly from start to finish if you want your car to be accepted at the border. Imported vehicles must comply with regulations set by numerous organizations and the safety standards established by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 and other standards designed to ensure that all vehicles entering the country are safe, reliable, and comparable with those manufactured within the United States. That’s why we always recommend leaving it to a pro if you need car shipping to the USA in & near Blaine, WA.

    Canada Car Shipping

    For car import Canada, the process is even more complex.  There are strict safety standards when it comes to Canada car shipping that must be met before a vehicle can be imported. There are five distinct organizations that regulate the process and the vehicle has to be approved by them so there won’t be any delays, refused entries, or even penalties. Even when the car is approved, then there is the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) that will check your vehicle’s admissibility for Canada car shipping  in & near Blaine, WA.