We at Bidbuy auto importers are  pleased to offer Snowbird Travel Opportunities. With this package you will complete all the necessary documents for us to Properly Import your Vehicle, RV or any other item you wish to travel South across the US Border. We have enclosed a Summary Sheet which includes all the steps, costs and requirements. Please review the summary sheet and let us know via email if you have any questions. Please provide your phone and date of travel. We also have included an example of how to complete your US Customs Form.

Happy customer after snowbird travel in and near Vancouver and Blaine
On the BidBuy Import form, use your home address in Canada to where the vehicle is being imported from. On the 3299 form, YOU are the importer, WE are the Carrier. You do not need to be too descriptive on page two about each article or list their prices (see example). For vehicle imports, unless discussed otherwise, we use our own experienced and insured drivers to take your car/truck/RV through the Commercial Port at Pacific Border Crossing on Highway 15, Surrey BC.    

To start the process, please gather the requirements necessary from the summary sheet and scan them back to or you can attach them here in the contact form below. We book our transport Monday – Friday 9am-3pm. You can download them here:

Our required lead time is around 2 weeks, but we can make it happen faster if needed.    

A non-refundable deposit of $150 (USD) will be collected once we receive your documentation for our time and services. If the border is to open after building your portfolio only the initial $150 will be retained. If using San Juan Airlines, please check in with both our office and theirs to coordinate a flight/import date.    

We now have space for October & November Private Charter flights From Boundary Bay and Abbotsford. (Up to 5 passengers)Book direct with BIDBUY flight and vehicle

 Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you

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