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Several government agencies regulate the car import Canada process, so this can get too complicated, especially for non-professionals.

Whether you are importing a commercial vehicle or a recreational vehicle from the United States and into Canada, Bidbuy Importers, the best Canada car importer in and near Surrey, BC, is at your disposal. With our help, you will avoid being refused entry, delays at the border, and possible penalties with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Canada Car Shipping: The Breakdown

Our responsibility is to inform you of the import requirements and what you should expect to pay when the car arrives. While we’ve tried to cover the whole process here, feel free to contact our car importers if you have any questions, need assistance, or just want a chat about anything related to car import Canada.

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Vehicle Admissibility

The first and most important thing in the Canada car shipping checklist is to see if your vehicle will be accepted according to the regulations for vehicle imports. Canada has strict safety standards for vehicle imports that must be met before a vehicle can be imported. But don’t worry – we are a professional Canada car importer who knows the ins and outs of these regulations.

CBSA works closely with Transport Canada to ensure that all vehicles imported into Canada meet safety standards and comply with applicable import regulations. We will ensure that your vehicle will be accepted into Canada before shipment to avoid a denial of entry and storage and disposal fees.

Although the CBSA and Transport Canada prohibit the importation of vehicles not designed for sale in Canada or the United States, there are circumstances under which vehicles designed for other foreign markets can be privately imported. These include:

  • Where it is 15 years old or more.
  • If it is a bus manufactured before January 1, 1971.
  • When it is not of a regulated class (e.g., mobile homes designed to tow or motorcycle sidecars).
  • If it is a returning Canadian vehicle being re-imported into Canada (You will need evidence to prove this)
  • If it is a returning U.S. compliant vehicle originally owned in the U.S.

Vehicles Less than 15 Years Old

Except for vehicles manufactured for sale in the United States, Transport Canada prohibits the importation of foreign cars that are less than 15 years old. Although vehicles manufactured in the U.S. may be eligible for car import Canada, there are strict regulations governing their importation. The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) clarifies the admissibility of U.S. manufactured vehicles. RIV administers the regulations for the importation of U.S. vehicles into Canada.

>What about Modifications?

Although U.S. manufactured vehicles can be imported into Canada, modifications may be required to meet RIV requirements. Modifications can be expensive, so we strongly recommend that before shipping your vehicle to Canada, you get help from an experienced Canada car importer to verify whether it can be imported and understand what modifications may be needed.

Here you can see the list of U.S. vehicles assessed to be admissible into Canada under the RIV program.

Vehicles over 15 Years Old

Vehicles older than 15 years may qualify for exemption from the RIV program if the importer can satisfactorily prove the age of the vehicle, for example, by providing a copy of the vehicle license document (V5). In some cases, vehicles older than 15 years may be permitted entry into Canada. However, there are rules governing registration that should be considered.

Registration requirements differ in each province, so it is best to work with the best car shipping company in Canada.

What Bidbuy Importers Can Do For You —

We offer the following for auto import to Canada:

  • AES filing worksheet before giving the notice
  • U.S. Customs 72 hour Export Prior Notice Title Submission service
  • Any needed recall clearance letter for your vehicle
  • Preparation of mandatory licensing
  • Delivery of your documents to Customs for getting pre-clearance
  • Presenting your vehicle for inspection and remitting various fees and taxes to Customs
  • Undertake any modifications(if needed)
  • Canada Customs Brokerage Release and Entry Service
  • Safe and insured transportation of your car into Canada
  • Preparation, Submission, and Processing of Canada RIV(Registrar of Imported Vehicles) Form
  • Comprehensive Auto Export/Import Consultation and Document services
Car Import to Canada in Vancouver, BC

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