How Much Is The US Import Duty on Cars?

US import duty on cars in and near Blaine, WA

Automobile enthusiasts are interested in importing vehicles to the United States for various reasons. Some models are not available in the United States, while others are more affordable when imported; therefore, auto importers in the United States are interested in learning about the specifics of automobile imports, such as customs and other concerns. The vehicle`s price determines the duty on the imported car and usually is a percentage of that price. Bidbuy Importers will help you with the car import procedure in and near Blaine, WA and Vancouver, BC; we are one of the most outstanding car importer firms; contact us immediately at 001-844-505-1555.

Importing cars into the US can be costly and troublesome, so car importers must know about customs and other details. You may have a variety of reasons for bringing automobiles to the United States, but whatever your motivation, a professional import business can help car enthusiasts speed up the process.

The required standards for auto imports

There are some legislations and limitations for car import in the United States that all US car importers must respect. Here are some of these standards:

  • Safety standards: The imported cars must meet the safety standards; many motor vehicles are available in other countries that don’t meet the mentioned standards.
  • Fuel economy: It is another critical factor that auto importers must consider; it is an important feature, and all imported cars must be environmentally-friendly.
  • Emission standards: There are emission standards against air pollution in the United States that the importers must consider and respect. Global warming is a severe issue, and air pollution is a crucial factor in this problem.

Do foreign cars meet the standards?

Although most foreign cars won’t meet the standards mentioned above, some manufacturers make automobiles according to the standards and legislation of the US for exporting purposes. The importers must know about the standards and rules, and in many cases, the process of car import is costly and time-consuming for importers.

We highly recommend you consult an import company if you are interested in importing cars because they have the knowledge and experience to handle the process appropriately. Auto importers In And Near Blaine, WA, can get our company’s services and obtain knowledge about various things like import duty rates, vehicle transport services, auto import to Canada, and etc. If you are in Blaine, WA or Vancouver, BC, call right now to get more info about our various importing/exporting services.

The imported vehicles to the US are dutiable

Importing foreign-made automobiles and vehicles to the US is not free from duty. The cars are dutiable, and no matter whether they are new or used. The importers must pay a percentage as duty rate for each motor vehicle. These import duty rates focus on the vehicle’s price; the higher the price, you must pay more tax.

It is essential to prove the value of your automobile; then, you need to have the bill of sale. You must keep the document confirming your payment when you pay the customs tariff. The record is vital for later stages like insuring your vehicle.

Canadian automobiles are primarily free from duty if you drive them into Canada. There’s also another exemption for other countries’ vehicles as long as you are a US resident and the automobile is a personal car. There are different immunities for civilian employees, military personnel, and so on.  

What is the gas-guzzler tax?

Fuel efficiency is so vital in US legislation, so the US government imposed a tax on vehicles that were not efficient in 1978. Manufacturers pay this tax for domestic vehicles; many people don’t know this, but the import cars are different, and the importers must pay this tax. So you have to fill out the IRS Form 6197 in the case of importing a vehicle.

The good news is the tax is not for many brand-new cars because they meet the fuel efficiency standards. So if you import a modern vehicle, you are in a juicy situation; in this case, when you fill the form, quickly tick the box for MPG of at least 22.5. But if the gas-guzzler tax applies to your import car, read about it, and consult with a good company. We are here to help you with importing/ exporting your vehicle. Give us a call now!

Is gas-guzzler tax applicable for your imported car?

To know whether the tax applies to your imported car, go to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s website to see the motor vehicles subject to the gas-guzzler tax. Vintage cars with the manufacturing date before the gas-guzzler tax are free from this tax.

If your import car is on the list, you need to pay the tax, and the poorer your car is regarding fuel efficiency, the more you have to pay. Then, consider this tax and other import duty rates before importing any automobile.

import duty for car importing in and near Blaine

The duty rates are changing constantly

The import duty rates are not the same forever, and they probably change due to various reasons beyond this article’s scope. The international wrangling of recent years regarding importing cars from Europe to the US confirms that the rates are subject to change.

In 2018, President Trump threatened to increase the import rate for European cars. Although the EU resolved the issue soon, it represents an example of these unexpected changes. So, you must search for updated information on the topic daily.

Things you should know before importing your car

  • The imported car must be clean because the CBP is highly meticulous. The reason for this strictness is the concern for the US environment. They scrutinize your car for soil, dirt, and any filth, so you must clean your automobile thoroughly to avoid any problems.
  • Your possessions must not be available inside the car because most shipping companies don’t transit cars with items inside. Your belongings are also in danger of theft, so try to remove all of them before sending the car. Your automobile is different from a shipping container, so that undeclared things can bring about fines or automobile seizures.
  • Do your research and weigh all the available options; try to find the best solution for importing your favorite motor vehicle. 
  • Consult a licensed company regarding the import process because licensed companies have varying levels of experience and competence. If you are looking for auto importers and live in Blaine, WA and Vancouver, BC, we are here to help. Call at 001-844-505-1555 and feel free to ask any questions you have. Our experts are nice and friendly.

Auto Importers In And Near Blaine, WA and Vancouver, BC

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