Can You Ship a Car with Expired Registration?

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When you want to ship your car, try to have the required documentation on hand because it is always helpful. It is not mandatory to have proof of title or registration in transporting your automobile. So, the answer is straightforward; you can ship your car with expired registration. We offer vehicle transport services at Bidbuy, and our experts can guide you through the process. We are the best option if you are considering auto importers in Blaine, WA, and Vancouver, BC. We provide transportation services like auto import to Canada, snowbird car transport, and many other services. Call us instantly at +1-844-505-1555 to get the best services you’ve ever experienced!

What do you require to transport an automobile with expired registration?

If you want to ship your automobile, the VIN is necessary, and you also need to go through the paperwork. So, motor vehicles without authentic registration and with expired registration are allowed to be transported. However, you might wonder why it is possible, and you might ask yourself does it open the door for scams and theft? The companies can identify motor vehicles through the VIN number, and every automobile has a unique VIN. Therefore, it is best for companies to ensure they are transporting the right vehicle. If you want to ensure that your car has the correct VIN, go to and search for it. There are various reasons for shipping a vehicle with expired registration or no registration documents:

1- In most cases, junkyards transport automobiles for parts only, and they don’t have registration papers.

2- If you purchase the automobile from an individual across the country, you can only register the car after its arrival. So, there’s no documentation for you yet.

You can get a car with expired registration shipped, but no one should ever drive it because the vehicle doesn’t have an authentic title. If you drive such a car and the police pull you over, the officer will issue a ticket for that, and it’ll cause a lot of trouble. Shipping is the safest way to transport these types of automobiles. The shipping process is simple, and there’s no worry about it.

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How to ship my car?

The auto transport process is easy and involves some simple steps:

  • First, you need a free estimate from our company. It is entirely free with no obligation.
  • After that, a detailed quote will be prepared for you.
  • Then, we agree to the schedule.
  • Finally, our car transport services will ship your automobile.

What documents do I require to ship my car?

When you give your automobile to a transport company to ship it, you must prepare some documents that confirm the vehicle belongs to you. You must also provide some documents showing you have insurance.

  • If you want to transport a car within the USA, some pieces of info like the original title and registration, insurance, photodetection, and more are necessary.
  • You must prove the vehicle has insurance and is not expired.
  • Non-owners must prepare a notarized letter that includes the required information.
  • If you want to transport your car to another country, you need to provide additional documents and info like the bill of sale, sales tax proof, import duty, etc.

The shipping company can quickly identify information like year, make, and model for personal automobiles. However, a VIN is vital for shipping paperwork. If you want a shipping company to pick up the car from a dealership, auction, or something like that, the VIN is mandatory, and it is impossible to move the auto without the number.

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Can you transport an automobile that is not in your name?

Sometimes, people want to ship vehicles that are not in their names. For instance, a father might arrange for vehicle shipping, but it is registered in his son’s name. If you want to transport a vehicle on behalf of someone you trust, obtaining a letter of authority is good. The letter facilitates the process and makes it suitable for you to arrange the shipping. So, technically it is possible to ship an automobile that is not in your name.

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Things you need to do when your vehicle arrives

If you want to ship an automobile between states and haven’t done the paperwork for registration and title, you must do some particular actions when it arrives. You should update all your vehicle’s documents as early as possible because any delays can cause you penalties. For instance, you have only 30 days to do that in New York. Suppose you decide to change the registration and title of an automobile. In that case, you must pay a fee and provide proof of ownership, insurance, inspection, an ID issued by the government, and a utility bill that confirms your address. Remember that the regulations are slightly different in some states. You need to obtain enough information about the shipping process details from your state’s official website.

Insurance qualifications and conditions

As a customer, you don’t usually require insurance to transport your automobile, but the auto transporter needs that. The insurance coverage is different, so ensure the transporters you choose have the amount of coverage required. Before signing on the dotted line, examine the terms and conditions of your insurance carefully.

Lienholder Permission

If your automobile’s loan isn’t finished, you might need permission from the lienholder to ship your car (not always). If the automobile shipper uses a seaport, authorization from the lienholder is mandatory. There’s another document you need when your shipper uses a port: the absent owner authorization. This paperwork is helpful if you want someone else to pick up your vehicle at the destination, which is a port.

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